About Us

The Winfield Fire Protection District Today…

The Winfield Fire Protection District is lead currently by Fire Chief Steven Evans, with the assistance of Administrative Assistant Robin Youngberg. As evidenced in our history, the District has been served by generations of dedicated Firefighters and continues to grow.

Today, the District answers an average of 2,000 calls per year. These calls range from fires in cars and homes, emergency medical calls, dive and technical rescue calls, as well as service calls. The District encompasses approximately thirteen square miles with over 30,000 residents.

Some unique challenges exist within the District, which include:

  • More than 30 bodies of water
  • 2 major hospitals
  • 4 long-term health care facilities
  • Approximately 300 commercial occupancies
  • 4 educational facilities
  • 2 kindergarten/daycare facilities
  • 7 churches

The District maintains a fleet of:

  • 2 engines
  • 1 pumper/tanker
  • 2 ambulances
  • 1 brush truck
  • 1 rescue squad
  • 2 chief vehicles

Protection is provided by 1 full-time Lieutenant, 3 full-time Firefighter/Paramedics and 1 part-time Firefighter/Paramedic per shift. 

The Winfield Fire Protection District Board of Trustees is served currently by Mark Klage, Phillip Saas, Jenny Saylor, Randall Simpson and George Kallas. This Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the budget and the business matters of the District.

The District’s Board of Fire Commissioners is comprised of Commissioner Chris Levan, Robert Hannen and Naresh Nair. This Board is responsible for handling the testing, hiring and disciplinary matters for the full-time firefighting staff.